The story of the ''Zeller Schwarze Katz''

In 1863 three wine merchants from Aachen were travelling around wine vaults in Zell to taste and buy the best wine.
Negotiations in the Mayntzer vineyard were particularly protracted.
After an extensive tasting session, there were three barrels on the short list, but they could not reach agreement on which one was really the best.
The atmosphere in the vaults was already showing the effect of the wine when the wine grower's wife, accompanied by a black cat, came into the vaults. The wine grower was about to tap another sample from one of the three barrels, when the black cat jumped onto this barrel, arched its back threateningly and spat at anyone who dared to approach the barrel.
The merchants quickly agreed: without tasting any further, they decided on the barrel that the black cat had defended tooth and nail; and they made a good choice.
Just a short time later, the same merchants returned and bought all the wine from the same vineyard locations as the wine in the barrel that the cat had defended so aggressively.
When they told the curious wine grower that they sold the wine under the name ''Zeller Schwarze Katz'' and it sold very quickly, it was clear to him as well that this wine was something special.
The winegrower's colleagues and the town council found out the location where the wine was grown and named it ''Zeller Schwarze Katz''.