''The Saar-Hunsrück-Steig''

The Saar-Hunsrück Climb leads you on a wide range of hiking and nature trails,
where you can see historic castles and fascinating rock formations.
With a total of 27 stages totalling 410 km (254.8 mi), the trail starting in Perl on the Mosel
leads through the Saar and Hunsrück regions to Boppard in the Middle Rhine Valley.
Four stages are in the new Hunsrück Hochwald National Park.
Experience tried and tested hiking pleasure combined with cultural offers, the most beautiful lookout
points and everything nature has to offer, rounded off with regional meals and local wines.
To the left and right of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb you will find the dream loops,
which are circuit hiking trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty.