''RegioRadler'' bike bus

Whether you are exploring the Eifel, Hunsrück or Mosel valley, during cycling season (first april - first november) the RegioRadler is the ideal accompanishment to your trip. Between Trier and Bullay the bike bus service has lots of stops located directly along the well-signposted cycle trails.



Information on taking your bike on the RegioRadler:

- Please help the driver when loading the bike
- Before the journey starts please remove all detachable and fixed
  objects from your bike (e.g. bicycle baskets, bags, lamps or
- E-Bikes and pedelecs are allowed once the battery or extra motor has
  been taken out
- Tandems as well as recumbent bikes are not allowed due to their size
- Child transporters are counted as an item of luggage and are only
  allowed if there is space available

Prices for the bikes

An adult ticket on all RegioRadler buses costs € 3 a journey per bike and € 2 for children (up to the age of 14).

Reservation of bike spaces

Spaces for bikes on ReioRadler buses can be quickly booked out. Therefore you should reserve the number of bike spaces you need no later than four hours before departure. You can do so:

- online at www.regioradler.de
- by phone at 01805 723287
- dropping into the Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH, Balduinsstr. 44,
   56856 Zell (Mosel), Tel. 06542 9622-0

Information and time shedules

- RegioRadler Moseltal (Linie 333) from Trier to Bernkastel and
   Zell (Mosel) to Bullay and back
- RegioRadler Maare Mosel (Linie 300) from Bernkastel, Wittlich
   to Daun and back
- RegioRadler Vulkaneifel (Linie 500) from Gerolstein, Daun to
   Cochem and back
- RegioRadler Untermosel (Linie 630) from Treis-Karden to
   Emmelshausen and back
- RegioRadler Burgen Bus (Linie 330) from Treis-Karden, Castle
   Eltz to Castle Pyrmont and back

You can find further information as well as timetables online at www.regioradler.de or at the Tourist-Information Zeller Land, Tel. 06542 9622-0.