Jetties for sport boats & yachts

Sailing on the Moselle, heading towards the sunset and with the your own boat wherever you want. . . Afterwards enjoy a delicious meal in the old town of Zell, Coffee and cake at the "Ponte" in Merl
or a glass of Moselle wine in the beer garden of the camping park. . . You can see the Moselle almost everywhere.

Zell (Mosel):
Winery Weis, Karlheinz (pier of the town Zell)
Phone: +49 6542 4651
Only a few steps to the city centre with cafés, restaurants and wine taverns.

Campingpark Zell, Marina
Phone: +49 6542 961216
24 modern jetties for boats up to 11 m in length, parking boxes with electricity and water connection for day guests and permanent jetties
(note harbour entrance between buoys).
approx. 800 m to the next restaurants in Kaimt and Straußwirtschaften (temporary bar selling new home-grown wine, often signalled
by a bunch of twigs hanging above the door)

Zell Merl:
Motor boat club Zell (Mosel)
Otto Kallfelz, Phone: +49 6542 2752 or +49 171 8022096
Berths for overnight guests with electricity and water connection

Centrally located in Merl, close to "Merler Bahnhof", restaurants and ostrich restaurants